Robert Freeman

Mexborough · South Yorkshire, UK · 07933 926886 ·

Hello! I am a Second year Computer science student at Sheffield Hallam University. As I am constantly developing & imroving my programming and software developement skills, I have decided to work on few projects throughout the year. Some projects vary from being simple, like this personal website, to bigger ones like "Tinder-like" dating android application.


Hack Sheffield


Coding under time limitations • Group programming • Dealing with various real life problems with relation to programming • Ability to multitask • Improved time management

Describtion: Hackathon is a group coding experience where a large number of people from different universities meet up to engage in collaborative computer programming. The main purpose of this experiance is to come up with innovative solutions to problems and create new interesting projects.

27th & 28th October 2018

Mobile App Developement

University Group Project

Use of Android Studio • Work with Firebase • API handling • Improving Team work skills • Working under big load of work • Use of Trello & Git

Describtion: As I am looking for work placement this year I decided to polish and improve my programming skills by participating in a bigger group project with few of my friends. We decided to create a mobile dating app that allows users to pick their partners by their favourite movies or series.

October 2018 - Present


Pizza Hut

Customer Service • Teamwork experience • Working under high pressure and busy environment • Answering phone calls • Ability to multitask

Description: Doncaster Pizza hut is a very busy restaurant with constant demand to stay focused as the enviromenet is very lively.

July 2015 - Present


Sheffield Hallam University

Bachelor of Computer Science

First year grade: First (74%)

Second year studying: Algorithms and Data Structures2 • Database Systems for Software Languages • Group Software Developement Project • Object-Oriented Programming for Coomputer Science • Softawre Engineering: Concepts and Methods

September 2016 - May 2021

Doncaster College

ICT System Support Level 2 & 3

Learned how to fix and maintain PCs and how to efficiently use most of Microsoft Office software

UAL Art & Design level 3
Final grade: Merit

Completed GCSEs in English & Maths

September 2014 - May 2016

Highschool in Poland

General Studies

Finished High School in Poland

Completed in 2014


Programming Languages & Tools
Main Skills
  • Flexible, fast learner
  • Mature and responsible attitude to work
  • Good teamworker and strong individual
  • Good understanding of C++, Java, HTML5 & CSS3
  • The ability to work as a team with newly met people
  • Good with figures
  • As a bilingual person I can fluently communicate in both English and Polish
  • Strong planning and time management skills


Apart from programming and working on my coding skills, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. To keep myself healthy I often challange myself by cycling up to 26 miles per day.

When indoors, I spend large amount of time catching up with latest technology news and announcements. When not following the news I love to relax by watching series or movies.

Lastly, I love travelling. I am aspiring to travel around every possible European & Asian country you can possibly think of.

Personal & Group Projects

Volcano Escape
Thre.js web game

Personal Website
Compatible on many devices

Zombies & Spot
Pac-Man like game in C++

Dating App for Android
Java based Dating App on Android

UML Diagram
Understanding of UML charts

Sequence Diagram
Representation of the Car Park -->

Car Park Simulator
C# Simulation of a car park

Hackathon Project
Movie search, uses 4 API's

First Web Page
First attempt on making website

Personal Website Attempt
Unfinished website